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Advice and Treatment

Our goal is to help you recover from your injury or condition quickly and empower you to achieve your goals, whether they’re about pain reduction, recovery, flexibility, fitness or lifestyle changes. So whether you’re aiming for a pain free stroll along the beach or a way to shave those all-important seconds off your PB, we’ve got the knowledge and skills to help get you there faster and stronger, and keep you there for good. (See below for more information about our treatment philosophy).

Giving YOU the right treatment and advice …

Our philosophy is to choose treatments based on evidence, not guesswork, which means you get the very latest information and advice combined with our many years of experience. Physiotherapy has been shown to help a large number of injuries and conditions, and research has shown that patients who engage with and understand their treatment get better more quickly and require fewer treatment visits, which is why we always try to help you understand your injury or condition and what you can do to help it improve. The vast majority of our patients need fewer than 5 sessions to achieve a high level of recovery that they can sustain independently (thus avoiding ongoing ‘maintenance’ treatments).

Addressing the cause of your pain …

We want to address the cause of your pain as well as providing effective pain relieving treatment. Studies have shown that 30% of pain is caused by injury, the other 70% starts for apparently no reason. But there is normally a reason: If we use our bodies in less than optimal ways some areas will eventually be overloaded. And overloaded tissues break down, causing pain. Identifying these abnormal movement patterns requires an in-depth understanding of human biomechanics, and will ultimately explain why you have pain. Treatment develops new knowledge, control, flexibility and strength, which will enable you to move without damaging your joints, ligaments and muscles, thus restoring efficient, pain-free movement.