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Bike Fit

To understand the nature of a sporting injury it’s important to analyse how an individual performs their sport. For a cyclist, this means looking at how your body and your bike work together. Over recent years, research has shown that certain factors are important to consider when it comes to your position on the bike.

It is also important to understand how your body moves, and your individual biomechanics… for example, someone with extremely stiff hips will not be able to sustain an aero position on their bike as the stiffness in the hips will cause their pelvis to rotate every time their foot comes over the pedal, causing repeated flexion of their lumbar spine and – eventually – injury.

man mountain bikeThere are similar structural considerations at the knee, ankle, foot and neck, and when fitting your position on the bike we must first perform a thorough assessment of your biomechanics and your structural form and relate this to your position on the bike to ensure the two are compatible. Your bike shouldn’t be designed to fit a theoretical ideal … it has to fit YOU if you want to avoid injury and improve performance. We do this using our anatomical physiotherapy knowledge and motion capture video analysis to measure angles and ensure the best fit according to both your structure and the latest research.