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Case Study: First Marathon

‘…you really were the power behind the power!’

A recreational runner wanted to complete his first marathon but was being hampered by achilles pain, affecting training and morale. Using video analysis, we identified areas where biomechanical improvements could be made and the resulting soft tissue treatment and training advice allowed the problem to resolve, with fantastic results!


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your help in getting my achilles problem sorted.

I religiously (sort of) followed your crystal clear advice and exercises, remembering particularly the need to always run at 180 steps a minute, and got round the Stockholm Marathon in 4hr56. This was a minor miracle, as:
a) it was my first
b) I was uninjured (thanks to you)
c) it was -7
d) it was the coldest June day in Stockholm in 84 years – driving rain and wind
e) I had to run in all the clothes I owned, including a plastic bin liner and socks over my hands to stay warm!

Thanks again for all your help. You really were the power behind the power.

— Patrick Olszowski