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Running and Multisport Athletes

We know how frustrating injury can be to athletes.

Whether you’re a recreational sportsperson or an elite or performance athlete, we understand that getting back to training as soon as possible will be your main goal. Because we also know no two injuries are the same, and no two bodies recover and rebuild in the same pattern, we offer a multi-modal treatment plan targeted to your individual needs, including  …

Manipulation … we use the latest evidence to make sure you get the right level and type of manipulative therapyFreestyle man

Soft Tissue Therapy … Kevin is an expert in soft tissue skills, teaching other physiotherapists at a postgraduate level

Strength and Flexibility Training … with detailed knowledge of biomechanics from experience treating runners and multisport athletes

Video Analysis .. we are the only MACP level physiotherapist who offers this service in Sussex (the MACP is an exclusive organisation for PhysiotherapistsiStock_000017206254_Small who have qualified to an MSc level or higher in manipulative physiotherapy), which means we’re not just looking at whether your gait looks ‘normal’, but how it can work best for YOUR body’s individual needs. Find out more about gait analysis here, or watch the video below.

Our goals are to help you recover from injury, reduce future injury risk and increase the efficiency of your performance by understanding and altering your biomechanics to help you gain ultimate performance. For more information on specific injuries, see our ‘advice and treatment’ page or book an appointment .