Covid 19 Update


COVID-19: Update

The Government has now announced a new national lockdown, as of 6th January 2021. As registered healthcare providers, we are being advised by the Government and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) to remain open for face to face appointments, in line with the CSP 7-factor guidance document As part of our COVID-safe protocols, we… Read more »

Should we be looking for the PST ‘black swan’?

Just thinking about this recent JOSPT article on the posterior shoulder that I wrote with Professor John Borstad: Hall and Borstad (2018)  Firstly, a huge thank you to Professor Borstad for being so generous with his vast knowledge base on the subject; it was a real pleasure to work with John on this paper. This post… Read more »

Patient and Public Involvement in the Design of Clinical Research

IFOMPT 2016 is upon us! This short video about the impact of involving patients and the public in the design of my clinical research trial has been put together to go with my IFOMPT 2016 poster presentation. Thank you in advance to everyone contributing to IFOMPT this year – looking forward to a most interesting… Read more »

Evidence Based Soft Tissue Skills course at IFOMPT 2016

We’re delighted to announce that the third edition of Kevin’s highly acclaimed Evidence Based Soft Tissue Skills course has been selected as one of the official post-conference courses at IFOMPT 2016. The IFOMPT Conference is a prestigious international conference held every 4 years to celebrate innovation and research within neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy. IFOMPT is an international… Read more »

Early sports specialisation in children

Is early sports specialisation in children a good thing? Why do we do it … and what are the risks? Participation in sports is very important for young people and the beneficial effects for physical and mental wellbeing have been thoroughly documented, but the extent to which young people specialise in a single sport and… Read more »

Research Internships at the University of Brighton

This is an amazing opportunity for health professionals to develop a career in clinical research … These internships provide an opportunity to develop research proposals with a view to submitting for the prestigious NIHR awards, bridging the gap between clinical practice and the well-worked proposal required for successful NIHR application. Find out how we got… Read more »

Exercise really does save lives …

A recent high quality research article studying the effects of physical inactivity (and other risk factors for morbidity) published alarming results. They demonstrated that low physical fitness, as measured on a walking treadmill test, resulted in extremely high mortality rates, and suggested that low fitness kills more Americans each year than the combined effects of… Read more »

“Soft Tissue Treatment: State of the Evidence” now in print

Kevin’s latest article, ‘Soft Tissue Treatment: State of the Evidence’ can be found in the most recent edition of In Touch, which has just been released. As well as a review of the literature relating to myofasical pain generation and the evidence relating to soft tissue dysfunction, it also describes the evidence pertaining to common treatment… Read more »

Brace yourselves … we’re going live!

We’ve gone live! After years of building on our clinical excellence in the clinic, we’ve now – finally – got an online presence … check out our new website at , with updated information and advice on specific injuries and conditions as well as information about courses and seminars. If you’d like to hear… Read more »