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“Soft Tissue Treatment: State of the Evidence” now in print

P1030150-e1355077354144Kevin’s latest article, ‘Soft Tissue Treatment: State of the Evidence’ can be found in the most recent edition of In Touch, which has just been released. As well as a review of the literature relating to myofasical pain generation and the evidence relating to soft tissue dysfunction, it also describes the evidence pertaining to common treatment modalities and reviews other aspects of management. In doing so, it introduces many of the subjects Kevin covers in detail during his highly acclaimed two day ‘Evidence Based Soft Tissue Skills’ course, currently running in several locations around the UK and in Europe. For more information on the course, including new dates around the country and feedback, see our Teaching and Lecturing page.

In Touch: The Journal for Physiotherapists in Private Practice is published by ‘PhysioFirst’,  the Organisation which represents Physiotherapists in private practice launched in 1952 to promote the highest standards of clinical physiotherapy. The full article can be found in In Touch Spring Issue 2013, No 142, pages 16-23, or contact