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Football and Rugby

Sports InjuryThe most common injuries in football and other field sports are groin or hip pain, knee pain and ankle injuries. Rugby players also often suffer from sustain injuries to the neck and shoulder. Often, these injuries are traumatic in nature and can be associated with significant damage to the ligaments or structures relating to joints, which is why it’s important to obtain an accurate diagnosis so the correct early management can be followed to ensure vulnerable structures are protected until their strength returns.

Treatment will often involve:

  • Taping in the early stages to offload structures while they heal
  • Soft tissue treatment to promote rapid healing, prevent adhesions and maintain flexibility
  • Progressive loading of the injured structures within their tolerance to stimulate remodelling
  • Sport-specific drills and strengthening programmes
  • Regular progress analysis using muscle testing and functional screening tools.

If you have suffered an injury in the last few days, see our Acute Injury Management page for information.